I am a medical technologist specializing in Microbiology for the last 21 years which, in layman’s terms, means that any part or process of the human body will be sent to me to ascertain whether there are organisms present and whether antibiotics could be used. I was born in Roodepoort but moved to Sasolburg where I grew up as a very shy child.  After matric I joined the army then went to study.

My first show was Cinderella the Pantomime under the direction of Quintin van Biljon. I started off in the cast as chorus, but one of the hats I wore was a chef’s hat.  During the next shows I played a Wise old woman, a Fairy, a Knife, a Bus Driver with an eclectic range of outfits, a sidekick to the sheriff, Disgust, Director, Dancer in Aladdin, a Zebra and a Spongy dancer. The bug bit and the joy spread to writing and directing my own shows. From my first role as chef there was always one constant in my life on stage, I always had something on my head.  I will wear the hat of the Theatre throughout my life with complete joy and passion.

I am the person who makes sure that meetings don’t carry on for too long, that goals are set and met and that everyone stays motivated!


The theatre bug bit me when I was in grade 11 at school and got the role of Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. Since then, I have been involved in professional and amateur theatre alike, acting in and directing shows. When a parent said that over their dead body would I become an actor, I chose to teach where every thirty minutes, a new performance begins!

One of the first things I looked for when considering moving to George was a theatre, and this little gem has been my dramatic outlet for the past six years, playing both romantic lead and villains in some of the shows.



I joined the George Society of Arts in June 2018 as Treasurer.  As a Certified Technical Financial Accountant registered with both the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT) and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (ICBA). I have been running my own strategic management accounting business for over twelve years in the Garden Route and as a Business Partner for QuickBooks, the global leader in accounting software for small business and a registered Dealer for Integrity Payroll, a payroll solution for small business.

I am the person who ensures that years are added to the Theatre’s lifespan by making sure all the books balance, all the cents get turned and everyone plays by the rules.



I am a professional dancer with my own dance studio, where I choreograph dances for the George Arts Theatre plays.  I started at the Theatre in 2013 as the Prince in Cinderella, where I was surrounded by a very experienced cast.  My love for the Theatre grew since then and I try to be involved in almost every single play or show at the Theatre, either on stage, in the sound box or behind the scenes.

I have a passion for musicals, as I love to act and sing, but my humor (which I inherited) from my mother, makes me love the pantomimes just as much.  This is why I am on the committee and this is why I want to keep the Arts Theatre alive.

I am the youngest member of the committee so I’m the one who makes sure that things stay hip and happening.



I joined the George Arts Theatre committee in 2018. I have 25 years’ experience in amateur drama theatre as an actor, play writer and director/producer. I qualified as a drama teacher in 2010 from the National Drama College in Johannesburg.



I am a salesman in the building industry; I also have my own maintenance and repairs business. I love sports and music; I play a little bit of guitar in my spare time and love being with my family. I also like cars and mechanics, and my favourite hobby by far is fishing!

I’ve been helping out at the theatre backstage, I started with Little Shop of Horrors and am continuing it with Variete Variete, I find it very relaxing and interesting and I thoroughly enjoy it.



I am a graphic designer & photographer who has been working in designing and print for 21 years. I love all things art, dancing, singing, acting, writing, painting & crafts.

Always being the odd one out – my family loved sports, a passion I never shared – only the arts excited me and is still my number one interest. I love musicals and Broadway shows.
Music is such a big part of my life and always will be.

As a 9-year-old being in hospital after my tonsils were removed, my only memory of that event was of me standing on my bed and singing to the ladies in the room. I’ve always just loved entertaining people, making them smile and forget about life’s pressures for a while.

I am very creative and love writing; my favourite genre is definitely Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My first show was Little Shop of Horrors and since then I just cannot wait to get to the theatre to practice or participate in the craziness. Theatre is my other family and my escape and my second home. Theater has given me space where I can fit in and just be me.



My life as an Artist started at a very young age. I starred in my first stage production at age 10! In High School I starred in our school Revue as well as English and Afrikaans Plays. I won the Golden Certificate for Individual Performance in my Matric year in 1996, for the Lead Role in the national ATKV Tienertoneel Competition, this equates to National Colours. I went on to study at the Method Actors Training Centre under the tutelage of Stephanie Van Niekerk, who studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York.

I am a qualified Project Manager and my career has spanned 20 years in the Construction-, Mining- and Financial Services Industries both locally and abroad.

Storytelling fascinates me and I dabble in Photography, Stage and Film production in my spare time. I am also a Martial Arts Instructor.

I joined the George Society of Arts in 2019.





The Theatre has an amazing way of growing on a person. I have never thought of ever working in a Theatre but somehow my love for entertainment inevitably played out to this point. The rewarding part of the job is sitting in the sound box, looking down on a crowd that is hooked to the show on stage, knowing that I play a part in their entertainment at that moment, cueing a sound, fading a light at their designated times that the choreographer or director ordered. My favourite shows to do are dance shows, because the choreographers/dance teachers gives me the opportunity to design the lighting for their shows, which is particularly fun for me.  I have a background in drawing, the only difference now is that the stage is like a blank canvas for me and the different types of lighting fixtures are my paint brushes, so it gives me a rush when the automation plays out at a show and then hear comments about how awesome the lights were!

I am grateful to Heather Stead and the team at the Theatre because through the skills I learnt there, I had the opportunity of doing lighting at the George Civic Centre for a Ballet Production.  It was the biggest show and the most pressure I’ve been under since doing sound and lights  and turned into an incredibly rewarding experience as I not only learnt new skills but I also learnt a lot about myself and have gained more confidence in my abilities.

I hope that all of George realises what a treasure they have in this Theatre and the potential that it has for its residents, not only spiritually, but also for the economic good of George and the Garden Route as a whole.