Our theatre has once again delivered a showpiece that exceeded all expectation performed by our local talent in BROADWAY – The Greatest Show.

The excitement was immense, the applause was deafening and the reviews were phenomenal.

We would like to share this experience with whoever missed any of the live performances or anyone who would like to relive the magic by clicking on the private YouTube link above or below.

After viewing this performance for free, and you feel like making a donation to the theatre, it would be greatly appreciated as this will alleviate some of the production costs as well as contributing to our immediate fund-raising initiative in repairing the theatre roof.

Banking details for the Dotsure George Arts Theatre:

George Society of Arts, Nedbank George 198765, 111 546 7409

For reference, PLEASE use “ Broadway ‘and your name’ ”

To enhance your viewing experience, you can either download our program or use the link below to ‘page through’ our program (best to maximise the screen for easy viewing)

Private YouTube link: https://youtu.be/rN07A9qshQI

Online program: https://issuu.com/kirstenryandesign/docs/broadway_program