How the Theatre Changed my Life- Angela Sandra-Lea Urban

My life changed when I joined the theatre. It might sound melodramatic, but it did. I walked in this shy mouse of a girl and stepped out a loud, theatrical princess. Ok maybe not a princess (I’m not that graceful) but you get the picture.

You know that saying home isn’t a place but a feeling? It’s that feeling I get every time I think about the people I’ve met and the chances I’ve had to show my talent. And the fact that I finally get to be loud without anyone telling me to tone it down a notch, I’m home.

I’ll never forget my first audition, I arrived early (like usual) sat at the back of the auditorium watching the crowds drag in. Waiting for my best friend to arrive. (At this point in time I couldn’t do anything without her, lack of self confidence and all) I remember watching everyone. They were greeting and hugging each other, the room was filled with this sense of friendship. Everyone seemed to know everyone. It looked like one big family coming home for a reunion. (Getting the picture?)

Let me tell you that first audition was awkward, pretending to be a dwarf is not exactly daily practice. But as time goes by it all really helps you loosen up and think about the characters you are trying to portray.

On top of this I had to learn a dance. Between my two left feet and my tendency to feel like a whale this was quite daunting. Luckily another characteristic of theatre people is patience. (Up until a week before show time that is)

I walked out of that theatre feeling exhilarated, shakey, proud and a little sick.

That first audition, as uncomfortable, awkward and scared as I felt will go down as one of the best nights of my life. My path shifted and it took me straight home. @ George Arts Theatre

Written by Angela Sandra-Lea Urban


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