Online Booking System

We are very excited to launch our new website incorporating an online booking system!

For the first time, the George Society of Arts is able to offer its theatre loving public the ability to choose and purchase their own seats online. We have hunted for a solution which works, and thanks to a company based in Prince Albert, we found what we were looking for.
The ticketing system makes use of PayFast, and is very easy to use.
Payfast will allow you to pay either via fast EFT or Credit Card.
Although we encourage you to make use of the online booking, we will still have tickets available at the door at the Box office.

What makes this system so good is that we can place our shows on the website in advance and you can, for example, book for the Pantomime months before it starts. No more waiting for the printers to print tickets as we had to before. Once paid for, your tickets are emailed to you and you then print them out yourself! Don’t forget to bring them with you to the show.

In the sidebar, there is a set of instructions which you can download to guide you through the process of booking your tickets, but we’re sure you won’t have any difficulty. As the designer says, “Just read the screen”. Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

We look forward to being able to make some great special offers through this portal.

Download our Help Manual


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