Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors has been one of my favourite musicals of all time.

I love a movie or stage show which is thought provoking, has a good story and leaves me wanting more! Oh and did I mention memorable music?

I have been wanting to bring this production to George since arriving here 5 years ago, and now is my opportunity. Together with a great cast of the best amateur talent that the town has to offer, I believe we are now ready. I am so grateful to the group that I have for sharing their talents with the people here in George. For a few months now, they have worked hard, memorising lines and songs and we are ready to wow you George!

The creative team from Creative Castle Designs has been building the most amazing puppet, Audrey II for us and our final puppet will leave you quivering in your seats.

While I have put a PG rating on the show, due to potentially scary themes my daughter, who was only six at the time that she saw this show live, LOVED it.

Basically, Audrey II has a taste for human blood which she convinces Seymour, a florist’s shop assistant, to feed her. He doesn’t actually physically kill anyone onstage, but as the biblical example says: “It’s the little foxes that steal the vine…“. Seymour does buy into the Faust principle through some careful negotiation skills of a plant.

Come and see why this cult classic has been such a hit since 1986 when the movie was first released.

Oh by the way, don’t confuse it with The Rocky Horror. There are no “Sweet Transvestites” in this show.😉

Wayne Strydom


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