Drini Botha Presents SUPERHUMAN


24 September 2016, 15:00 (Matinee) & 19:30 (Evening Performance)
Tickets: R120.00 (includes program)
Bookings: Oakhurst Insurance Arts Theatre 044-874 3142 or go to www.georgeartstheatre.online for online bookings

DRINI BOTHA is proud to present SUPERHUMAN, starring a very special selection of singers and instrumentalists. The genres performed by these accomplished musicians range from classical to contemporary. The lineup include Lida de Villiers, Michael Lindt and Bronwyn Stammer. Elisabeth Potgieter will be representing her singing school, performing with star students Pieter Raath and Chanté van der Westhuizen. Kallie Landman (violin), Cornèl Engelbrecht (cello), Ronell Kruger (saxophone), Rúan van der Vyver (flute), Jill Armstrong (flute) and Drini Botha (piano) will join forces in the instrumental section, adding variety to the program with their unique interpretations of memorable pieces. These include Por Una Cabeza composed by Carlos Gardel (the Tango made famous in the film, Scent of a Woman) and Adagio Cantabile from Sonata Opus 13 composed by Beethoven, arranged for cello and piano. The all-girl singing group, DIVA (Doen Iets Vir Ander), will also be making their debut on the Arts Theatre stage, which includes a duet with Michael.

Drini agreed to stage the concert on behalf of the Rare Bone Disease Foundation, in an attempt to raise funds for research into a cure for Sclerosteosis, research that is currently underway at the University of Pretoria. It is regrettable that the amount of people that have the condition are so few that it is not financially viable for pharmaceutical companies to invest large sums of money to find a possible cure. The individuals affected by this disease have therefore found it imperative to make a concerted effort themselves to raise funds for this project, as financing could be the only obstacle in driving this project forward.

Sclerosteosis is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder, a debilitating condition that irrevocably alters the lives of the people who have it, as well as their families. The effects are uncontrolled bone formation that leads to thickening and hardening of the skeleton, including the skull, resulting in entrapment of the cranial nerves as well as spinal nerves with consequential recurring facial paralysis, hearing loss, loss of smell and severe headache and back pain.

The show title, SUPERHUMAN, refers in part to the effects of this condition that results in extreme hardening and thickening of bone, making the bone almost impossible to break. But above all, the title refers to the spirit of these individuals in coping with the condition on a daily basis.
Please support this worthy cause by buying tickets for the show and by inviting your friends, family and colleagues to come along.
Enjoy an exquisite performance by gracious performers, giving of their time and talent.
For more information go to the facebook page: rarebonediseasefoundation
Please note that CDs of artists performing will be on sale.


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