• Rising Talent in George

    Rising Talent, Tamryn Oates (25), who has been in shows at the George Arts Theatre over the past 12 years, tells us how it all started for her. Tamryn tells us about the up and coming Varieté Varieté show […]

    by Wayne Strydom
  • A “Theatre-versary”

    So, this is happening. This year marks 5 years since my first show at the #GeorgeArtsTheatre and it has enriched my life in ways that only fellow stage-lovers will truly understand. Nevermind the fact that the theatre has taught […]

  • Still wishing upon a star!

    Every two years (yes we wish it was more regular), Carina Rademan Beukes comes up with the most amazing movie tribute show which is staged at The George Arts Theatre. This year, the sequel “Still wishing upon a star”, […]