• A “Theatre-versary”

    So, this is happening. This year marks 5 years since my first show at the #GeorgeArtsTheatre and it has enriched my life in ways that only fellow stage-lovers will truly understand. Nevermind the fact that the theatre has taught […]

  • How the Theatre Changed my Life- Angela Sandra-Lea Urban

    My life changed when I joined the theatre. It might sound melodramatic, but it did. I walked in this shy mouse of a girl and stepped out a loud, theatrical princess. Ok maybe not a princess (I’m not that […]

  • Pinocchio the Pantomime

    Our December show, Pinocchio the Pantomime directed by Madie Calitz at the George Arts Theatre, is coming together very nicely. With a cast made up of familiar and new faces, this show promises to be a hit. Madie is […]

    by Wayne Strydom
  • Still wishing upon a star!

    Every two years (yes we wish it was more regular), Carina Rademan Beukes comes up with the most amazing movie tribute show which is staged at The George Arts Theatre. This year, the sequel “Still wishing upon a star”, […]