AUDITIONS 18 & 19 February 2019 : Little Shop of Horrors


In the first half of June 2019, The George Arts Theatre will be staging the hit Broadway show, Little Shop of Horrors.

The story revolves around a young botanical genius named Seymour who, during an eclipse of the sun, discovers a plant hitherto unknown on the planet. He takes the plant back to his home which is in the basement of a florist shop where he and a beautiful shop assistant, Audrey work. The pair are employed by Mr. Mushnik, a Phlegmatic individual who identifies the potential of the plant when, as it is brought into the shop, attracts a multitude of customers.

All is not well though, because Seymour discovers that the plant doesn’t require fertilizer and water, but feasts on something red and sticky, that runs through every human’s veins!

The plant, affectionately named Audrey II after the shop assistant, manipulates Seymour into satisfying its need for blood and makes some rather outrageous promises.
Our hero in the process, saves the pretty assistant from her sadistic Dentist boyfriend.

The play has music in the style of the 50’s which will have your toes tapping and leaving you wanting more. The plant, which starts off quite small, grows into a monster which covers almost the entire stage.

What do you need to do to audition at the theatre?
Join the Little Shop of Horrors Performance Facebook page. You will find a link on the George Arts Theatre page, or send an email to Wayne Strydom using All instructions will be sent to you.

We require good singers, actors and dancers for a small cast of approximately 20 players.

This is just another taste of what’s to come for the George Art’s Theatre 50th Birthday Year!!


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