Back to Broadway June 2021


We are excited to be working with a FABULOUS group of singers, actors and talented youth to take a trip down the Oakhurst Insurance George Arts Theatre memory lane with live Broadway songs blended with visuals from the past.

The job of the past is to pave the way for the future!

The job of the future is to maintain that path for the next generations!

So let’s join hands to ensure the doors of our wonderful Theatre stay open……. and have some sing-a-long, laugh-a-long, warm-and-fuzzy fun along the way!

Our theatre has been one of a very few which have been able to open under the very strict Covid regulations, simply because we are small and have lower overheads, but small also means lower audience numbers since we are only allowed 100 audience members at a time.

The George public have been amazing though, coming out in large numbers to support the theatre. We want to continue to offer you entertainment when the pandemic is lifted. Keep buying those tickets!

One of the directors, Wayne Strydom in full flight directing our child cast.

Schalk hard at work at the piano getting the children to sing the way we want them to.

There’s just no holding the children back who are just as eager to perform for you as the adults.


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