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Still Wishing Upon a Star!

We have ended a high a highly successful run and the audiences were absolutely thrilled to see what we can accomplish at our theatre on a shoestring budget. The theatre, cast and crew pulled out all the stops to ensure that the George theatre-going public were entertained for the full two hours they spent here. From flying superheroes to snow raining down on audience members, a full 4D experience was given on the last three shows. We look forward to, hopefully a third installment in this franchise soon!

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The George Arts Theatre is owned by the George Society of Arts. It is a 217 seater theatre in the heart of George and plays host to international stars as well as homegrown amateur theatre. Click the link to read more about what we do at the theatre.


09 August 2016
30 July 2016
31 July 2016
"The Arts is Alive in George!"
A laugh a minute Remember to put away 2 hours between 26 and 28 May to laugh all your problems away. Coenie Ritter’s Reverend on Appro will do just that for you...
Greetings from the Wardrobe We received some amazing donations which felt like Christmas in April! Thank you, it is really appreciated. We have had a lot of work this past month! Putting together the costumes for our current show, Pirates, was such fun ...
No, it’s not the name of a hit musical by Stephen Sondheim, but something that happened this month at the Theatre. We took out an ad in a local publication and their marketing department thought that the slogan...